About Heike Kemper

Originally from Germany, I have been using my my first hand knowledge from studying and traveling abroad, as well as from my teaching and consulting experiences at international universities and companies to assist you with your study and travels abroad in California.

As a student I have experienced how enriching an international education and a time abroad can be. Not just academically, but personally as well. Later on I made it my mission to educate and open up possibilities for international students like yourself to experience this once in a life time opportunity. By working and living in close proximity to the U.S. universities I work with, I’m able to assist you with many aspects of your application, but also on location while you are studying in California. You and your family back at home will be assured, that you will receive support and that you can contact while in California. This service is free of charge.

I have been the university contact in the U.S. for the Dual Universities in Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) for over a decade.


 I have extensive experience in advising about international trade matters and I have been consulted by local and international companies and universities in Europe and the U.S. regularly with questions about business and education.

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